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15 Creative Wedding Desserts

June 9, 2015 | Posted in Weddings

The wedding was a success! You and your guests are having a great time at the reception. Now, there’s nothing like a great dessert to sweeten your evening and put the cherry on top of your special event. Consider one of these creative wedding desserts that will get your wedding guests talking!

Healthy Mini-Fruit Servings. It IS possible to enjoy sweets and still watch our waist. Trust us, our strawberry shortcake shooters are the way to go! Warning: One bite will have you and your guests wanting more. Mini fruit tarts and fruit parfaits are also great options for the health-conscious guest!

Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

Naked Cake. Naked cakes are IN this year. They are beautiful and rustic with nothing to hide! You can see each delicious cake layer and filling. We recommend opting for buttercream which is not only delicious, but back in style with the 2015 wedding trends. Get a little more creative with a crepe or pancake cake—the possibilities are endless!

Fondant Cake. For those who like a flawless finish, fondant cakes are a smooth, clean and versatile upgrade, perfect for matching your creativity in design. Share your love story and personality through your cake. At Versailles Ballroom, all of our wedding packages include a wedding cake, baked by one of the best local bakers in the Toms River NJ area!

Fondant Wedding Cake at Versailles Caterers

Cupcakes. Cupcake towers are an excellent alternative to wedding cakes, with the benefit of perfect portions. Mix and match flavors to please everyone’s palate or add a special touch to the colors and design to add a beautiful aesthetic to your event.

Assorted Cupcakes

Milk & Cookies Station. On a hot summer day, ice-cold milk and freshly baked cookies are a happy sight to see.

Chocolate Milk and Cookies Station

Ombre Cake. An ombre cake is gradual color fade to the inner cake layers and/ or frosting, that looks beautiful in any color. You can’t go wrong with this idea!

Cake Pops. Cake pops are a bite of sweet bliss. Match with seasonal flavors, color-coordinate, and/ or add texture with nuts to add more depth and interest to your desserts.

Cheesecake Cake Pops

Sundae Ice Cream Station. A sundae ice cream station isn’t just for kids anymore. This dessert station is one of Versailles Ballroom’s favorites. Browse more event menu options on our website!

Sundae Ice Cream Station

S’mores Station. Wedding desserts can be fun when you pair your sweets with activity. Give your event a little glamping (glamorous camping) touch.

Smores Station

Apple Dipping Station. Healthy and refreshing, an apple dipping station is satisfying and guilt-free.

Apple Dipping Station

Chocolate Covered Bacon. The ultimate duo of chocolate and bacon are a perfect blend of sweet and salty, enough said!

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Donuts or Mini Churro Bites. Everyone loves a good donut! Spice up your event with mini churro bites for a sweet surprise in the center.

Mini Churro Bites

Food Trucks. Before booking, be sure that the food truck is insured. Contact us for recommendations and ideas!

If you can’t choose just one, it’s always possible to have a little of everything! Embellish your wedding menu and try one of our dessert pedestals, available with the Platinum and Diamond Wedding Packages!

Spring Wedding Desserts at Versailles Caterers

Fall Wedding Desserts at Versailles Caterers

Photos: Fabienne M Photography

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