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Tips For Your Summer Wedding Cake

July 6, 2019 | Posted in Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

There are numerous desserts at a wedding reception, but none are quite as anticipated as the summer wedding cake. As you sift through the many cake options available, remember to keep factors like the weather in mind. When getting married in the summer, especially, the heat will have a huge impact on how your cake turns out. Therefore, keep these tips in mind. 

summer wedding cake ideas

summer wedding cake ideas

summer wedding cake ideas

Talk to the Venue

Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, have a conversation with the venue staff about your summer wedding cake. If you’re getting married indoors, make sure the venue will be properly cooled to keep your cake from melting. Also, find out if they have enough refrigeration storage to keep the cake cool until it’s time to cut it. When getting married outdoors, however, talk with the reception staff about keeping your summer wedding cake and other food cool. 

summer wedding cake ideas

summer wedding cake ideas

Naked or Lightly Frosted Cakes

For couples going with an outdoor wedding reception, opting for a naked summer wedding cake is a great solution. Especially, if you’re getting married in the summer months heatwaves may occur. Naked cakes are gorgeous, combining elements of nature, fresh fruit, and just a dusting of sugar for elegance. Since it doesn’t use materials that easily melt or spoil, you shouldn’t run into any problems. 

summer wedding cake ideas

summer wedding cake ideas

summer wedding cake ideas

Steer Clear of Chocolate

If you’re getting married when temperatures are high, chocolate may be a bad idea for wedding cake decor. Though delicious to eat and beautiful to look at, chocolate easily melts. If you are going with chocolate, it’s best to choose an indoor reception hall in NJ, such as the Versailles Ballroom to ensure they have refrigeration, air conditioning, and other factors to keep your summer wedding cake intact. 


As the star of the show (well, except for the bride and groom), the wedding reception cake often takes a lot of attention to detail. As you work with your baker to come up with the perfect summer wedding cake for your reception, remember to keep factors like the often high temperatures of the summer. This will help you avoid a major meltdown on your big day.

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