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Benefits of Indoor Wedding Venues

April 13, 2015 | Posted in Weddings

Indoor wedding venues can be the best choice for your event if you enjoy peace of mind and comfort knowing you are not risking having your big day affected by unpredictable weather, bugs, expensive tent rentals, and guests leaving early. Learn more about the benefits of indoor wedding venues:

Weather is never an issue. Rain, snow or shine, you can always depend on an indoor wedding venue to be available and in the same condition. No worries about frizzy wedding hair, runny make-up, mid-event rain, holding down wedding decor on a windy day, or a back-up plan!

Cost. An indoor wedding venue doesn’t have as many extra costs, unless the venue includes a dance floor and tented area.

Fewer distractions & more privacy. Having your wedding venue indoors means less distractions from noise and gives you, your family and friends plenty of privacy.

Easy access to restrooms. Depending on how far the venue is may result in you or your guests needing to take a hike just to use the restroom. “Have you seen grandma?”

Creativity. You can always bring the outdoors, indoor. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and more freedom to decorate the venue without worrying about rain ruining your wedding decor.

Guest comfort. You control the ambiance. The temperature can be adjusted and maintained to keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the ceremony. Your wedding photos will look a lot better without all of your decor on the ground on a windy day, sweat stains on a hot summer day or rain droplets on everyone’s clothing.

Never underestimate the beauty of an indoor wedding venue—here are a few gorgeous shots you could easily pull off, especially in our own New Jersey wedding venue. Just ask!

Toms River NJ Wedding Venue Versailles Ballroom

LED Blue Lighting Toms River NJ Versailles Ballroom

Seating at Indoor Wedding Venue

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