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Summer Wedding Dress Shopping Tips You Don’t Want to Forget

June 22, 2018 | Posted in Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

As you begin to shop around for the perfect wedding dress for your summer wedding there are a lot of things going through your mind. Which style is best suited for your body type? What are some of the latest bridal fashion trends? How much can I afford to spend on a wedding dress? Yet, there’s one factor that seems to get overlooked when shopping for summer bridal dresses – weather.

For those getting married in the summertime in New Jersey, the scorching temperatures are something you’ll want to keep in mind as you shop for dresses. The wrong choice could have you sweating at the altar, or being photographed with pit stains which can both be downright uncomfortable. To avoid these summer wedding dress catastrophes, keep these shopping tips in mind:

soothing, breathable fabrics wedding dress styles
Natural, Breathable Materials

The idea is to remain cool as possible. Even if you plan on getting married inside a ballroom or reception hall, the summer can make the rooms feel a bit warmer. So, opt for bridal dresses that are made of natural, breathable materials like cotton or silk. This will help you stay cool, calm and collected on your big day.

lace wedding gown lace wedding gown lace wedding gown
Choose Your Lace Wisely

Lace is a common design feature added to wedding dresses to give the dress that extra “wow factor”. If you plan on wearing lace for your summer wedding, choose wisely unless you want to be sticky and itchy while standing at the altar. For example, there are some lace gowns like Chantilly that are heavy and warm. On the other hand, others like corded lace are breathable and cool.

loose free flowing dresses free flowing wedding dress
Form-Fitting Might Make You Sweat

Although you may have had your eyes set on that form-fitting wedding gown for your summer wedding, if you’re getting married outside a tight dress may not be the best option. In the summer where it tends to be a bit hotter and humid, looser dresses are more practical. Instead, opt for a free-flowing and loose dress. Empire waist dresses are ideal in that they give you a tight fit up top and flow at the bottom.

If you’re bridal dress shopping for your upcoming summer nuptials, be sure to keep the temperatures in mind. Jersey tends to get pretty hot, particularly in July and August. Choosing a dress with breathable fabrics, that loosely flows, and that suits your style and budget is possible and is by far the best thing you can do to make sure that you’re comfy on your wedding day.

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