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A Short Guide to Selecting Wedding Colors

August 29, 2018 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

One of the first details you’ll need to figure out about your upcoming wedding is the color scheme. From the invitations and bridal party attire to the ceremony decor and reception design, the colors you choose will be tied into every element of your plans. With so many colors, shades and hues to pick from, deciding on just a few can be difficult. Though there’s more than one way to check this task off your list, here are a few ways you might choose your wedding colors.

bridal colors

Go with Your Favorite
Do you and the groom have favorite colors that match up well together? If so, choosing wedding colors isn’t going to be that much of a challenge for you. Just spring for a wedding that centers the colors you guys like most.

wedding ceremony room wedding reception ballroom outdoor ceremony area reception ballroom


Check Out the Venue
Have any idea where you’d like to get married? If you opted for the Versailles Ballroom in NJ, then why not stop by and have a look at the ceremony and reception hall. Explore the flooring, walls, and existing decor and colors to see which colors would tie in best.

bridal bouquet bridal bouquet bridal bouquet bridal bouquet

What’s in Bloom?
Another way to choose wedding colors would be to find out which flowers are in bloom. Chances are you already know when you’re getting hitched, so, based on that date or season, which flowers are in bloom? Are there any colors that catch your eye?

holiday wedding holiday wedding holiday wedding

Any Holidays Coming Up?
For couples getting married around a national holiday, choosing colors may be easier than you think. For instance, if you’re getting married around Christmas, you might choose traditional red, green, gold, or silver. If it’s Valentine’s Day, go with hues of pink or red. The best part is, you’ll be able to find plenty of decor since all the stores will have these colors in stock.

bridal party lavender burgundy red taupe black

Go with the Flow
What’s your wedding theme going to be? Are you looking for a more soft and subtle country chic wedding? If so, you might choose soft pinks, yellows, and greens. If you’re looking for a romantic flow, you can opt for dark red, purple, navy, and darker colors to set the tone.

You can’t get very far in your wedding planning without the right colors. While this decision should be made carefully, it isn’t something that should stress you out. Using the above factors, you can find color combinations that work well for your special day. If you need more inspiration, you can always feel free to look at photos of couples who were previously married at the Versailles Ballroom in New Jersey.

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