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How to Capture the Best Wedding Photo Shots as a Couple

November 26, 2018 | Posted in Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

Pictures are a staple at weddings. They help to capture the very essence of the day and create memories to be shared for a lifetime. Some of the most important photos taken of the bride and groom are those done by a professional photographer. It is these photos that are often placed in photo albums, hung on walls, and shared online, which is why it’s important to work with the wedding photographer to capture the very essence of your love.

If you’re camera shy, not very photogenic, or simply have never taken any professional photos, these tips will help both the bride and the groom get the perfect snapshot every time.

couple wedding photos couple wedding photos couple wedding photos
Take a Few Deep Breaths (Relax)

Understandably, your nerves are shot. You’re still a bit stressed about the wedding and reception and you don’t want it to show up on camera. The trick is to take a few deep breaths and just relax.

couple wedding photos couple wedding photos couple wedding photos
Tune Out Your Surroundings

When you’re focused on everything and everyone around you, it can cause you to lose focus on your wedding photos. Though it can be tough, try to tune out your surroundings and simply be in the moment with your spouse.

couple wedding photos couple wedding photos couple wedding photos
Interact Naturally

A good wedding photographer will have pose suggestions that you can try out as a couple to get some memorable snapshots. However, some of the best bridal photos are often those that are authentic in nature. As you revel at the moment with your soul mate interact with each other naturally, lovingly, and playfully. What you’ll find is that as the pictures look more natural and capture your true feelings on this special day.

couple wedding photos couple wedding photos couple wedding photos
Emotions Are Good

Don’t be afraid to hold back your emotions. If you feel a teardrop coming on if you want to burst out in laughter, or jump for joy, just do it. Showing your emotions adds another layer of personality and meaning to your professional wedding pictures.

To be quite honest, there is no size fits all advice for taking the perfect bride and groom photos. Some of the most breathtaking photos we’ve seen, however, are those when the couple is calm, living in the moment, unphased by things going on around them, and unapologetically emotional on their special day. As long as you keep those things in mind and work with your wedding photographer, you’re sure to get a bunch of snapshots you love.

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